• Remove any debris gently with a dry soft cloth, dust-mop or vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a piece of lightly damp, soft cloth and warm, plain water for routine maintenance and cleaning of your marble product.
  • Do occasional deep cleaning with mild dish detergents, pH-neutral soaps or marble cleaners.
  • Wipe dry your marble with a soft cloth shortly after cleaning.
  • Clean up your marble immediately after any acidic substance spills (i.e. wine, coffee, sodas, fruit/vegetable juices, etc.)
  • Leave pools of water or soap for a prolonged period as this could cause streaks or stains.
  • Use lemon-based, scouring creams, vinegar or other highly acidic cleaners to avoid scratching or dulling your stone.
  • Place and move abrasive products directly on the marble.
  • Place objects of extreme temperature (hot or cold) directly on the marble. Use coasters, trivets or placemats.