marble care

A regular care is key in keeping your marble at its prime look for many years. Protect your marble with the following tips in caring for your marble.


Sealing repels staining agents but doesn’t make marble stainproof. “Talk to your fabricator to determine which sealant is right for you,” says DeeDee Gundberg, senior manager at Ann Sacks Tile. When water no longer beads, it’s time to reseal.


Vinegar, citrus, and tomato will etch marble; don’t let them sit on the stone. “Treat marble as you would a fine wood finish,” says Charlotte Barnard, creative director at Nemo Tile Company. “Use coasters and cutting boards. Wipe up spills immediately.”.


Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners. “Vacuum or sweep up loose dirt, and use a damp mop or sponge regularly,” says Barbara Sallick, cofounder and senior vice president of Waterworks. “I like Miracle Sealants tile and stone cleaner.” $9 for 32 oz.,


To remove stubborn stains, use a poultice paste. Spread it onto the stain, then cover with plastic wrap sealed with painters’ tape. Once it’s dry (12 to 24 hours), scrape the paste off and wipe with a damp cloth. For deep-set stains, you may need to reapply paste.


  • Remove any debris gently with a dry soft cloth, dust-mop or vacuum cleaner
  • Use a piece of lightly damp, soft cloth and warm, plain water for routine maintenance and cleaning of your marble product
  • Do occasional deep cleaning with mild dish detergents, pH-neutral soaps or marble cleaners
  • Wipe dry your marble with a soft cloth shortly after cleaning
  • Clean up your marble immediately after any acidic substance spills (i.e. wine, coffee, sodas, fruit/vegetable juices, etc.)
  • Leave pools of water or soap for a prolonged period as this could cause streaks or stains
  • Use lemon-based, scouring creams, vinegar or other highly acidic cleaners to avoid scratching or dulling your stone
  • Place and move abrasive products directly on the marble
  • Place objects of extreme temperature (hot or cold) directly on the marble. Use coasters, trivets or placemats