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Statuario Marble Dining Table (Wood Base)


White marble on single light wooden base is a simply a basic and neat choice for your home, especially if you love both marble & wood stuffs. Read more

Statuario marble minature tower


This unique creation of a marble cone miniature decor tower will add an elegant look to any display corner or cabinet. Read more

Statuario marble paper towel holder


This white marble towel holder will add a timeless touch to your kitchen counter top with the classic elegance. Read more

Statuario marble tray


This marble tray with its polished edges makes it a perfect piece for the kitchen or for any purpose. Read more

Statuario Venato marble business card holder


This white marble business card holder is a great compliment to any office decor. This lovely piece will be a unique gift and a lovely addition to your office desk accessories. Read more

Statuario Venato marble tray


This marble tray with its polished edges makes it a perfect piece for the kitchen or for any purpose. Read more

31% OFF Statuario Dining Table | Marble Styles

Statuario White Marble Dining Table

$4,800 $3,299

Your different kind of marble dining table. A see-through glass top rests on top of the custom designed white marble base. Read more

50% OFF Terra Dining Table | Marbles Styles

Terra Marble Dining Table

$8,000 $3,999

Collaboration piece with KOKAINE & WAAM Studio

Named in Latin for ‘earth’, this marble dining table is stunningly splashed with shades of ocean blue and soft earth tones. A delightful gift from mother nature to your home indeed. Read more

37% OFF Travertine Stool | Marble Styles

Travertine Stool

$3,200 $2,000

Collaboration piece with ITALIAN DETAIL

A classic travertine stool designed in reminiscent of the famed Roman architecture. Truly a timeless addition to your space. Read more

Valhalla Granite sofa nesting table


These nesting tables are perfect for smaller spaces where a coffee table can come in handy when you have more guests. These tables are used as side tables either together or separately with a granite top, it offers easy maintenance and adds an elegant touch with the Valhalla shimmering streaks as a unique characteristic for this granite material. Read more

Valhalla Granite sofa table


Slide under sofa table is made of sturdy metal legs with classic black finish. It offers the convenience of having a surface while lounging without the bulkiness of a coffee table. Read more

White Marble Wooden Base Dining Table Venatino

Venatino Marble Dining Table (Double Wood Base)


White marble on double light wooden base is the perfect dining table for your quaint or minimalist living space. Read more

Venus White Lazy Susan


This white marble lazy Susan keeps the table organized, and accessible to all with a simple rotation. Ideal for holding condiments and a clever way to serve appetizers, it adds a simple elegance to any table setting with a polished round while mobile design. Read more

37% OFF Verde Marble Stool | Marble Styles

Verde Marble Stool

$3,200 $2,000

Collaboration piece with ITALIAN DETAIL

The cool white & emerald green marble stool presents a modern twist to the traditional Italian stool. Read more

white marble food display tier rack


White marble food display tier rack in stainless steel frame suitable for cakes, dessert or any finger food in your kitchen. These tiered marble shelves add height and interest to any table. Read more

white marble phone stand


An elegant white marble cell phone holder will be a great compliment to any office desk. It is a perfect cell phone stand for desk and a great companion at work or home. Read more